What's Going On!

To sign up for Craft Day times please call 795-4921, email library@oswegolibrary.org, or message on Facebook or Instagram.

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No Appointments!
27 May 2021
No Appointments Needed! As of June 1st we will be open our normal pre-Covid hours, without...
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Summer Reading 2021!
27 May 2021
Oswego Public Library Books&More New Items Adults Teens Services Get Involved Friends Group About...
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Hello Spring!
19 March 2021
We are open by appointment Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm! Need ideas for for your garden … we have books...
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Library Update
16 December 2020
The library will be closed until at least Tuesday, December 22nd due to Covid-19. I will update you if...
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Reopening Update
24 June 2020
You can now come into the library by appointment to pick out your own items! Appointments are for 20...
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Summer Reading 2020
23 June 2020
This year Summer Reading is a little different! Thanks to the generosity of The State Library of Kansas...
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