Elizabeth "Liz" Turner

Library Aide 1974-1977

Library Assistant 1977-1996

Librarian/Director 1996-2020

Liz was the driving force of the interior redesign in 2007 and the conversion of all records to an online consortium in 2010!

Liz worked at the library longer than any other OPL Librarian, she is greatly missed by many generations of library patrons!

Janet Carpenter

Library Assistant 1970-1977

Librarian/Director 1977-1996

Library Assistant 1996-2000

Janet was in charge of the addition in 1993-1995 which doubled the size of the library and made it ADA compliant! After her retirement she continued as Library Assistant for a few more years.

Irene Potter

Librarian 1957-1976

Mrs Potter oversaw a major remodel of the library in 1963 and was part of the organization in and membership of the Southeast Kansas Library System which has benefited patrons ever since.

Stella Orr

Librarian 1953-1957

Predecessor and Sister to Irene Potter.

Anna Gilham Nafus

Librarian 1918-1953

A graduate of the Oswego Ladies College, she served as Librarian for 35 years

Carolyn Wylie

Librarian 1912-1918

First Librarian in the current building.

Bertha Williams

Librarian 18??-1912

Oversaw the building of the current library. Was also the librarian of the Oswego Reading Room.